Who we are & What we stand for!

About Cleanit

CleanIt is the first company in Pakistan that brings to you non-hazardous, hcl acid and bleach free cleaning products in three ranges:

  • automotive
  • household
  • industrial

As we grow mindful of our carbon emissions and footprint, sustainability for the environment has been a continuous dialogue while we developed our range of cleaning products.

Responsible shopping and paying heed to how we interact with our environment must be a consistent effort in ensuring we leave behind a safe environment for all those to come after us.

We have carefully curated our list of non-toxic ingredients and bring them together to give you a safe cleaning experience.

Intensive research and development allowed us to understand the impacts of harmful substances found within our regular cleaning supplies on not just the environment around us but within our household through inhalation of fumes leaving behind hazardous grease on the surfaces.

CleanIt cares for you, your family and environment.

Welcome to a new sustainable way of life.